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Alternative payment models: Strategies for success

In this edition of DataGen Insights, we look at how alternative payment model participants can ensure their processes and workflows are optimally set up for success. To help, DataGen listed the top three strategies all providers participating in APMs can employ and created a handy checklist to enable maximum returns and reduce financial risk. Please explore our website to learn more about our  products and services .  Download DataGen Insights today .  We hope you enjoy!

Alternative Payment Models: Mid-year review

Are you up to date with the latest on alternative payment models?  This summer, catch up on all that you might have missed! Check out this list of must-reads from the last few months on APMs like Primary Care First, Kidney Care Choices, and more. Alternative Payment Models (General) Top challenges providers face in alternative payment models [Physician’s Practice] What to expect from CMS’ second decade of APM programs Primary Care First Start the year off right: DataGen answers your Primary Care First questions Three Steps to Successfully Participate in Primary Care First INFOGRAPHIC: 3 Strategies for PCF Success Why you must consider leakage for Primary Care First Kidney Care Choices Crucial rules and deadline guidance for Kidney Care Choices INFOGRAPHIC: 3 Strategies for KCC Success Critical Tools for Kidney Care Choices Success Oncology Care Model Lessons Learned from the Oncology Care Model If you have any questions or would lik